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    Tasmanian devils are furry, black, little dog-like creatures found in Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia. These devils prefer to spend most of their time alone, except when scaring off their own kind from sources of food. In fact, their desire for isolation is so great that they have been labeled solitary animals by biologists. Now some of us may actually prefer their lifestyle, isolated from worldly desires and vices. Most of us, however, need to be in contact with others to live happily, and frankly, not go insane. That principle vitally carries over into the professional world, and securing sponsorship for your TEDx event means that you need solid contacts into companies.

    It is natural to be devoid of contacts in case of certain companies, and it happens to everyone initially. Once again, our marketing team has some valuable input, with strategies to efficiently comb through resources to find contacts.

    Company websites
    This is an easy one. Most companies have a ‘Contact Us’ section on their website. Usually ineffective, it is however worth the little effort.

    Websites can get you started

    Justdial If you’re in India, Justdial is an extremely useful business listing website. Businesses consider this a vital way to stake their online presence.

    Press releases and company tenders
    Almost all established companies have press releases and marketing/contract tenders out on the internet. These tenders/press releases have the Marketing Manager’s name, contact number and e-mail ID on them. You can also have a gist of what the marketing policy of the company is through these documents. You can search ’Company name+ Tender+ Press Release’ to find any releases.

    Now this is fun! Say the board line number of any company is 022-26786666 and the receptionist proves to be of no help. Alter the last two digits like 70, 75, 77, 55 etc. and ask for the Marketing Manager to whoever is at the other end of the line. If the person doesn’t turn out to be from Marketing, ask him/her about the marketing extension. Do NOT reveal yourself though! Job openings, contracts Most companies you contact will have advertisements and posts for career openings online. You will also find the HR manager’s contact details there, and HR can connect you to Marketing.

    It’s not illegal, right?

    Truecaller The Truecaller app, available on both Android and iOS, can help you verify any contact numbers you may acquire.

    At the end of it, remember that these contacts can be extremely valuable, even outside the context of TEDx. That said, pulling strings too often weighs down your TEDx event greatly, to extents of possible loss of interest.

    I am sure you are now fully equipped to find your own contacts: to get this primary task done right warrants favorable sponsors. If in doubt, get in touch with us for even more details! MM

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