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    The Facebook Effect

    Here’s a number for you 1,940,000,000. That’s the number of users Facebook has, as I am writing this article. And here’s another one, 338. That’s the average number of friends a user has. Sound familiar? The question here is, social-media jargon aside how many of them would you really trust, be comfortable around and call as your friends?

    Morning walks with Dr.Kalam

    Dr. Srinivasan Sundarrajan worked under the Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for well over a decade. Here he shares with us some of his more personal experiences with Dr. Kalam, during his famed morning walks.

    How to spot bad logic, TED or otherwise.

    Humans like to argue. A lot. Argumentation forms the basis of not only our dinner table conversations, (or the majority of our interactions with our SOs), but is arguably one of the main drivers of human progress.

    Passing the legacy preserved across pages

    Books are without a doubt the greatest creation of mankind. They defy the sands of time to tell the world stories of monuments that fell, nations that perished and civilizations that were wiped out.

    One word, a thousand meanings

    What do Serena Williams, Alan Turing, Marilyn Monroe and perhaps your parents have in common? The harsh truth is nothing. But why should it be a sad epiphany?

    The Disease in the Shadow of a Taboo

    A good number of people just flinched on reading the topic of this article. The question then is, what is it about addiction that scares so many people all across the globe?

    Depression : The story behind

    In our everlasting, obsessive and sometimes directionless search for happiness we often find ourselves left vulnerable and sad. We keep running behind happiness all through our life and most often end up disappointed when we don’t find it. This leaves us in a state of dejection. As the dejection slowly boils and brews, it finally hits the point of saturation and when it does, you start mulling and feel lost, not loved and lonely. We feel trapped in our own mind, body, and soul, numb for what seems like hours but are actually days. What we had just described above seems like what could possibly be the worst phase of someone’s life, the hardest mental battle someone had to fight; a battle that a 24-year-old lost when he committed suicide while he was live on Facebook days ago. This is the ugly monstrosity that depression is.

    Must Watch TED(x) Talks:

    Featuring motivational talks from some of the most brilliant minds in the world, TED and TEDx talks cover every topic under the sun in an easy-to-understand and inspiring way. Wonder which talks to get started on with? This collection of hand-picked talks for your viewing pleasure is a primer of 7 classic TED(x) Talks encompassing a wide range of topics and featuring impactful speakers like Susan Cain, James Veitch, and Malavika Varadan, among others.

    Find your next favorite talk with us here at TEDxNITTrichy.

    Why India needs STEAM rather than STEM skills.

    Why haven’t there been any earth shattering innovations from India in the past 25 years? Why is it that every time someone from India files for a patent, 38[1] other patents are filed from USA or China?

    Company Research

    The first step towards a successful sponsorship deal is extensive and in-depth company research. Not having enough knowledge before you make a call can make you seem uninformed and naïve. Thorough research ensures that you know what you are selling and most importantly, to whom you’re selling.

    Contact Hunting

    Tasmanian devils are furry, black, little dog-like creatures found in Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia. These devils prefer to spend most of their time alone, except when scaring off their own kind from sources of food. In fact, their desire for isolation is so great that they have been labeled solitary animals by biologists. Now some of us may actually prefer their lifestyle, isolated from worldly desires and vices. Most of us, however, need to be in contact with others to live happily, and frankly, not go insane. That principle vitally carries over into the professional world, and securing sponsorship for your TEDx event means that you need solid contacts into companies.

    The Call

    By now, you’ve done your research and you’re sure that you have solid contacts within the organisation you wish to associate with. Now comes the most exciting and vital part of the entire process: the actual Call. Are you up for it?