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    TEDxNITTrichy Salon

    Over the years, TEDx events have evolved into microcosms of their local community, each event piecing together its own brand and identity. Salons, with their casual, intimate and malleable structure, harness the hands-on, community-focused spirit, anchoring a TEDx program. Because they are peppered between larger events, they create a special social cohesion. We held our very first Salon Event on the 3rd of February, 2018 which was a panel discussion on the topic: Truth in the age of Internet. With our panelists and moderator, we discussed about how the internet is the perfect space for information about almost anything and how we lack sufficient tools to verify the authenticity of the excessive information we have access to, and took special care to answer pertinent, spearheaded questions of the likes of “How important is checking for facts we read on the internet?” and “How does one distinguish true sources from false ones?”


    ConnecTED is the induction briefing event organised exclusively for the freshmen of NIT Trichy. It is intended to give wholesome insights into the working of the team and the induction process that follows. The 2016 edition of connecTED was a one-of- a-kind interactive event filled with engaging, fun-filled activities, thought-provoking TED talks screening apart from the informative presentation session. The event witnessed an overwhelming turnout of attendees and the overall response was positive.

    Coffee Table Talks

    Coffee Table Talks are organised interspersed between the events to keep the momentum going. In its first edition, the students of NIT Trichy were provided with the opportunity for conversing with their director, Dr Srinivasan Sundararajan regarding his ideas in general and plans for the college. Balaji Viswanathan, acclaimed Quora celebrity engaged the audience in yet another interactive session sharing his revolutionary ideas right after the second edition of TEDxNITTrichy.

    7 Billion & Her

    7 Billion & Her is the initiative of TEDxNITTrichy centred around the International Women's Day. We encouraged the members belonging to our local community to pay gratitude and respect to the women who changed their lives for the better. Personalised Letters of love were delivered to those who stood in for their gender in the minds of the writers. The genesis of many heart-warming stories and smiling faces, this endeavour marked the successful entry into the third edition of TEDxNITTrichy.


    Novel-ties is yet another drive of TEDxNITTrichy, true to the cause of TED, which is to spread worthy ideas by creating connections. What better way to bond, than over books? When the final year students were asked to contribute, they were only eager to leave behind a legacy of their beliefs. In the form of books that changed their lives. Feast for the eyes and Food for the minds await, every bibliophile, at the event.