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    Adam Smith, a 17th century Scottish philosopher, very famously claimed that an ‘invisible hand’ guided markets, and that humans would only see prosperity if the hand was left to its means. A few decades later, a certain species of moth had changed its wings from white to pitch black. How are these two events related? If you were to follow the trail, you would encounter a spellbinding narrative of human motivation, economics, geography, biological evolution, and many more factors, pushing and pulling at each other until the invisible hand eventually painted the peppered moth black.

    We have cited only one of nearly infinite examples where seemingly disparate events or facts, separated in time, space, knowledge spheres, or even realities turn out to be intricately tied. Humanity’s most fascinating stories and inspiring ideas have resulted from people exploring and creating so-called ‘strings’ between wildly diverse domains, individuals, and concepts. This is where the heart of innovation and ingenuity lies. At TEDxNITTrichy 2018, we seek to bring out the best and brightest ideas in our community by zooming into these oft-ignored threads. We hope to leave our attendees more conscious of their impact on the world they live in, as well as encourage them to reflect on how we are all, in fact, ConnecTED.