Past editions.


The 2018 edition of TEDxNITTrichy was all about celebrating ideas. With a line-up of nationally reputed speakers and a plethora of ideas floating around, TEDxNITTrichy made sure to deliver a “One of a kind” experience to its audience. The speakers brought out their ideas and emotions with utmost fervour which indeed create a big impact on the audience. While K. Jaishankar drew comparison between cybercrime and Indian mythology, Arun Krishnamurthy explained how the plight of rivers saddened him. Piyush Agarwal narrated his journey of success as an artist and Sangeetha Sekar portrayed her struggle as she dribbled past hurdles through an ever-inspiring story. The passionate assemblage was served with a platter of exciting activities, in between talks, throughout the day-long event and the ardour with which they engaged was simply, incredible. “Strings”, the theme of the event was brought to life with an exquisite ambience set-up consisting of an ideal wall, a theme board and much more, which encouraged both speakers and audience to interact with each other and share their own stories.


TEDxNITTrichy 2017. It was not just a series of consecutive talks for the audience to listen to- it was a wholly immersive experience. Being a carefully handpicked set of attendees, each individual was passionate, interesting, eclectic; each had a story to tell. The roundtable seating arrangement helped kickstart conversation, and a wide variety of activities kept the audience engaged. We also had a mini Human Library event, with was inspired by the concept spearheaded by one of our speakers, Mr. Harshad Fad. We had a delicious lunch, during which we could network with the speakers and audience and also had activities that were brought to us benefactors, and a the photo booth open during this time was also a huge hit.

With an NPS rating of 91, 8 speakers, 4.5K Facebook likes, over 6.9K website clicks, over 10K website views and the overwhelming positive response from our speakers and attendees; we can safely say that TEDxNITTrichy 2017 was a huge success and left a lasting impact on everyone present there. The eye-opening talks and meaningful conversations created at the event determined that the 25 odd organisers of the event were able to reach their milestone of hosting an event that followed the TED motto of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading."


The TEDx phenomenon is all about the audience. To adhere to the diversity of the theme-7 Billion & You, every member of the audience was hand-picked. Once selected, the audience were sent email updates and a pre-event brochure which had details about the upcoming event, etiquette to be followed and basic TEDx rules. The audience was seated 5 at a table, with randomly assigned seats. Even before the event formally began, interesting conversations were sparked and many new connections were developed. Each table was laid out with magazines, and a personalized audience kit, consisting of a notepad, pen, cool TEDx stickers, event brochure, a unique TEDx bingo sheet (with lists of things they had to cross out before they left), all in a sleek carry bag. We also set up a TEDxNITTrichy Photo Booth. The audience was encouraged to take pictures and at the end of the day, they received a printed copy of their picture put in a photo frame as memorabilia.

Speakers and audience were asked to put up their unique ideas on the 'Idea Wall'. As the event progressed, attendees walked up to the wall and penned their visions for startups, activities, books, or even futuristic technology. By the end of the day, every inch of the wall was covered in creative thoughts, some less serious than others. To promote intra-audience interaction and networking, every person in the audience was given a list of 3 people in the audience they had to meet by the end of the day. We can proudly say that we sparked the beginning of no only engrossing conversations, but also deep professional connections and potential lifelong friendships.


2015 saw the establishment of a new program at NIT Trichy. It was a movement from ignorance to action, from idle minds to ideas and into the starry night of endless possibilities - we sought change, so we made TEDxNITTrichy.

We had humble beginnings. The biggest drawback we had was lack of a floor path lighting system which meant we had no right and no wrong. Out, that also meant we had all the space for ourselves to rack our brains in. Once we had a license and a snug team of 28 members, the task was to come up with truckloads of ideas to get them underway, and boy, was it fun! Within a month of the event, we had a run-up of six speakers, a beautifully decorated barn hall and a passionate audience of 100. We paid attention to the littlest of things that creep up on you when you're looking away a glitch-free registration process, speedy cataloguing, assistance wherever you need it, an atmosphere that facilitates unhindered thought - and it reflected on the feedback. Every attendee had access to a series of invigorating talks, heart-warming conversations, wholesome food, a smart gathering and even personal interaction with the speakers throughout.