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    There once was an insignificant, inconsequential, almost trivial species that emerged out of the open lands of eastern Africa; its insatiable curiosity and enterprising nature ushered in an era of ingenuity and innovation, enabling it to single-handedly establish its strong presence around the planet. At heart, humans are the very same explorers with an endless thirst for the excitement of discovery.

    Humanity has always been fascinated by the expanse of the seven seas. There is something in the seemingly infinite domain that beckons to us, something that appeals to a fundamentally human characteristic: curiosity, the great “What if?” An innate urge to explore the unknown, to daringly embrace the million possibilities that it offers without doubt, without question, armed with nothing but grit and purpose.

    We are the captains of our own ship, negotiating its way through the treacherous waters that every civilisation once sailed through. To humanity, this sea, with its tempests and whirlpools, is not an obstacle to be overcome; this sea is instead an enabler, empowering humans with the promise that the path ahead has something truly spectacular - the guarantee of a better future for the planet... it is no surprise, then, that the course to be set is UncharTED.